Sample Blog Post (This is where you put the title)

This is where you write you

r blog .

As you type/mouse over this text, you can see some grey round button things appear next to your text.

Clicking on one of those is how you add any content that is not your regular text. Go ahead and click on it and see what the options are. You can add photos, videos, ect.

Next, look at the options at the very top of this edit box where it says “Content, Options, SEO, Social, Share, Location”

Click on Options. This is where you add the main photo representing this blog post. You can also add a short preview/summary of your post.

Click on Social. This will show you how this blog post will “preview” when you share it, and allow you to edit that preview. You can change the text or photo or whatever you want.

You can use this blog post to play with all the options, OR start from scratch by clicking “Cancel” below. Then click on the plus sign next to new blog to start a new post from scratch!

David Sundy