Active Knee Care

On this page you can learn more about Dr. David Sundy’s innovative non invasive knee healing method Active Knee Care TM. We recommend that you watch the introduction video, and then browse the additional resources.


Active Knee Care TM, a novel approach to knee care

In this introduction video, you will learn about Active Knee Care TM, developed by Dr. David Sundy to restore knee joint function naturally. You will find out the multiple conditions that Active Knee Care TM can treat, as well as how common injuries occur. You will also hear testimonials from Dr. Sundy’s patients and hear about their amazing recoveries.

A Mulimodal to Meniscus Tears by Dr. David Sundy, presented at the 2016 SOTO-USA Research Conference

During this presentation, you will hear Dr. David Sundy discuss his approach to treating meniscus tears. He discusses current standards of care, as well as changes to those standards. You will also learn about the meniscus structure, function, and natural healing process. Dr. Sundy also provides a cost comparison between surgery and treatment with his method. Finally, he presents a case study.


A Multimodal Approach to the Conservative Management of Meniscus Tear, published case studies by Dr. David Sundy

This paper presents how conservative management of meniscus tears like Active Knee Care TM is currently the preferred method of intervention over surgery due to the observation of negative long-term clinical results associated with meniscectomy.

This click-able poster represents my case studies initially presented at the Soto USA research symposium in Louisiana in 2016.

The work was later accepted from among thousands of entries to other research conferences including The World Federation of Chiropractic, The Association of Chiropractic Colleges, and the American Chriporactic Association.

The presentation was so well received that I have been encouraged to create a training series for chiropractors and doctors so that they can replicate my work. This series of educational training videos and courses is currently in production.


Healing Knees Naturally by Dr. David Sundy

Please enjoy a free chapter from the best selling book Beyond the Back. This chapter was written by Dr. David Sundy and focuses on his novel approach to healing the knees naturally.