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Gentle. Thorough. Full Body Motion Restoration.

Welcome to Active Healing SF, the chiropractic practice of Dr. David Sundy, conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco. Dr. Sundy began his practice in 2001 as massage therapist.  Since then he has been trained in over 30 different techniques to to help his patients reduce pain, improve mobility, and avoid costly and painful surgery. Dr. David Sundy has also developed a nationally recognized innovative non invasive knee healing method Active Knee Care.

Dr. Sundy aims to treat and educate his patients in a safe environment while offering them necessary comprehensive care. Dr. Sundy understands that many people have anxiety about chiropractic treatment, especially first time patients, so he has created a soothing environment and an easy to use scheduling system. By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, Dr. Sundy gives his patients the best chiropractic care.


Dr. David Sundy

Dr. David Sundy specializes in treating knee injuries primarily combining motion and functional assessment with Activator Methods,  Hendrickson Method, Cranial Adjusting and Laser Therapy all in a framework of Sacro-Occipital Technique.  To learn more about these different techniques, please check out the Services page. When he is not with his patients, publishing case studies or presenting and teaching at research symposiums, Dr. Sundy enjoys indoor rock climbing, roller skating, gourmet cooking and hiking throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.









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Dr. Sundy has recently become an Amazon Best Selling Author with his contribution to Beyond the Back.

This book addresses some of the common misconceptions about Chiropractors and teaches readers

• How Chiropractic can help you have more energy and get more out of life
• How Chiropractic can help you have a healthy pregnancy
• How Chiropractic can heal knee injuries naturally
• How Chiropractic can help multi-generational families
• The Benefits of Applied Kinesiology
• Chiropractic care for athletes

Learn how Chiropractic can help you overcome your health issues without drugs or surgery and help you live a longer, fuller life.