Active Knee Care

Dr. David Sundy has pioneered an innovative non invasive knee healing method called Active Knee Care TM. Please click on the link to learn more about this approach.

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Activator Method Chiropractic

The Activator Method is a gentle and painless way to receive an adjustment. The adjustment is made with a tiny tap to the joint using a finely tuned hand held instruments. Only enough force is used to exact an impulse to the mechanical receptors of the joint. Signals are sent from the joint to the brain and back again, and the joint function is restored instantly including improving range of motion and muscle strength. 

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Dr. Sundy began his practice in 2001 as a massage therapist, and has since been certified in multiple forms of massage including the Hendrickson Method, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, and many more.

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Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic medicine focuses on hands-on diagnosis and treatment through a system known as osteopathic manipulative medicine. Osteopathic medicine emphasizes helping each person achieve a high level of wellness by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

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PT Electrical Modalities

This is a healing method which uses a type of electrical, thermal or mechanical energy to cause physiological changes. These modalities include electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, heat, and ice. It has been show to relieve pain, improve circulation, decrease swelling, and reduce muscle spasms.

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Orthotics are custom made shoe inserts individually designed for you based on 3D scans of your feet made right in the office. Orthotics are deigned to help you achieve a balanced foundation, a stabilized pelvis, as well as helping your adjustment hold better. Orthotics have also shown to reduce pain and improve bio-mechanics.

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